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How Much Is My Old Saab Car Worth?

Saabs have long been known for their safety and reliability. They’re well-built, rugged and long-lasting vehicles. However, all good things have a shelf life. At some point, that rusty old Saab cluttering your driveway or garage has to go. If it doesn’t run or is not being used, it’s an eyesore and a waste of space.

If you have an old Saab to get rid of, think twice before calling the junkyard. They’ll charge you to pick up the car, then sell the parts or scrap metal for profit. Our service, RemoveMyClunker.com, picks up old cars for free -- and pays cash for them. We offer free price quotes online without requiring you to provide personal information. If you like the price, the car can be off your hands quickly and conveniently. In many cases, we’ll pick it up the same day.

About Saab Vehicles

If you follow the news, you know the Saab brand is in major trouble. The company has been sold several times over the last few years, and production has been dwindling. The brand released just 162 cars in 2013. Revival efforts have been largely unsuccessful thus far. In August of 2014, the Swedish company that owned the rights to the brand name filed for bankruptcy and lost those rights.

Before all the trouble, however, Saab enjoyed many years of success. The company was founded by airplane engineers near the end of World War II, and the first model was produced in 1949. The company continued to develop new models for 50-plus years, and it had strong sales up through the 1990s. However, the carmaker struggled after it was purchased by General Motors in 2000. When GM filed for bankruptcy and restructured in 2009, the Saab brand was discontinued and sold off.

How Much Will You Pay for My Saab?

We purchase all types of Saab 900s, 9000s, 9-3s and 9-5s, including hatchbacks, convertibles, sedans and wagons. We take vehicles in all conditions, so it doesn’t matter if the Saab doesn’t run or needs expensive repairs. Cars in too poor condition to be repaired will be salvaged for the scrap metal or parts. Car that are in better shape might be repaired and sold. In that case, we save you the cost of making extensive repairs and the effort of trying to sell an old car on the private market.

The price we pay varies based on the model, age, mileage and condition of the vehicle. Here are some examples of what we’ve recently paid for Saab clunkers, Keep in mind, these are cars in very poor condition with very high mileage.

  • 1985 900S hatchback: $220
  • 1992 9000 sedan: $235
  • 1989 900 convertible: $235
  • 1995 9000 sedan: $235

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