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How Much Is My Old Honda Car Worth?

Hondas are known for being some of the most reliable cars in the world. It’s not unusual to hear about a Honda with 300,000 miles that is still going strong. Dependability has long been one of the company’s strongest selling points.

However, every car reaches the end of the road at some point. If your old Honda no longer runs, it is missing parts or the body is rusted out, it might be time to scrap it. Consider selling the vehicle here at RemoveMyClunker to local scrapyards. We’ll handle all the details for you, arranging a quick pick up and paying cash on the spot.

About Honda Motor Company

Honda Motor Co. is the eighth largest car company in the world and the second largest in Japan, behind Toyota. Honda was founded in 1937 as a company that mass produced piston rings, eventually for Toyota. During World War II, the company made aircraft propellers for the military. By 1949, the company had produced its first motorcycle, and within 15 years it was the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. Honda still holds that distinction today.

Honda’s first auto was a truck, the 1963 T360. That was followed by the S500, a two-door roadster, and the L700, a commercial van. The first four-door sedan, the 1300, came in 1969. To differentiate itself from its much more established Japanese rivals, Toyota and Nissan, Honda had to be innovative, becoming the first to introduce technologies such as anti-lock brakes and speed-sensitive power steering.

Today, Honda is known for classic, reliable sedans such as the Accord and Civic. The company also produces crossovers, SUVs, trucks and hybrids, and it operates a luxury brand, Acura. Honda produces a wide variety of recreational vehicles, including ATVs and jet skis, and equipment like lawnmowers and snowblowers.

How Do I Know If My Honda Should Be Junked?

After more than 50 years of production, there are a lot of Hondas on the road. Despite the brand’s reliability, there are also plenty sitting around that are no longer roadworthy. Generally, if repairs would cost more than the car is worth, your old Honda a good fit for the junkyard.

We purchase junk cars and arrange for them to go to local scrap yards. There, any salvageable parts will be sold off and the metal will be recycled. In many cases, particularly with true clunkers, the metal is the most valuable component. Our service is quick and hassle free. Use our online tool to get a free offer without providing personal information. If you’re happy with the price, we’ll ask for your contact information and arrange a pick up - usually within 24 hours.

How Much Is My Old Honda Worth?

The price we pay depends on the age, model, condition, mileage and your location. Generally, we pay between $200 and $400 for junk vehicles. We accept many Honda models, including Accord, Civic, Odyssey, Passport and Prelude.

Here are some examples of what we’ve recently paid for Hondas in very poor condition:

  • 1990 Accord EX sedan - $210
  • 1995 Civic CX hatchback - $220
  • 1991 Accord EX-R sedan - $210
  • 1982 Civic wagon - $210
  • 1993 Prelude SR-V - $215
  • 1993 Civic EX coupe - $205

Our service offers an alternative to dealing with the junkyard, which, in many cases, will charge you to pick up the vehicle rather than pay you.

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