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How Much Is My Old Ford Car Worth?

The Ford Motor Company has been described by Forbes as the most important industrial company in United States history. Founded in 1903, the company pioneered the use of assembly lines for large-scale vehicle manufacturing, paving the way for others to follow.

From the Model T to the Mustang, Ford produced some of the most memorable models of the 20th century. The company is currently the second largest carmaker in the United States, behind General Motors. It owns the Lincoln brand of luxury cars, and it has a financial stake in car companies around the world, from Thailand to Russia.

When to Junk Your Old Ford for Cash

Some old Fords are valuable collectors items, some have resale value in the private market (particularly old work trucks), and others are worth little more than the metal they’re made with. So how do you know the difference? Generally, if the car was built before the mid 90s, is in poor condition, and is not a model that would be considered a classic, such as the Mustang, it falls in the junk category. This means the car would be difficult, if not impossible, to sell on the private market.

Cars with significant mechanical defects or rusted out bodies often fall in the junk category, too. If the cost of repairing the Ford is more than the value, you most likely have a clunker on your hands. In that case, your best option is to collect whatever cash you can for the value of the scrap metal and any salvageable parts.

Our service, RemoveMyClunker, makes it simple to sell that junky Ford to a local scrapyard -- in exchange for cash. Fill out our online quote request tool to find out what the car is worth. If you’re satisfied with the price, we’ll schedule a pickup and pay cash on the spot. The process takes minutes, and in some cases we pick up the same day. You’ll save the time and effort of calling around to find a local buyer.

How Much Is My Old Ford Worth?

With Fords, pricing is difficult to estimate because the car company has produced so many models over the years, some more desirable than others. In most cases, we pay anywhere from $175 to $400 for junkyard-bound Fords. To give you a better idea of what specific models cost, here are some of our recent purchases:

  • 1991 Crown Victoria LX sedan - $280
  • 1994 Bronco - $340
  • 1985 Escort wagon - $185
  • 1990 F-150 extended cab - $280
  • 1996 Aerostar passenger van - $250
  • 1982 Laser 4-door hatchback - $185
  • 1987 F-150 regular cab - $280
  • 1991 Explorer - $280
  • 1998 Contour Sport - $200
  • 1993 Probe - $205

Keep in mind, however, that prices vary based on the condition of the vehicle and mileage. Our online quote tool asks a few brief questions about condition to determine the car’s value. Pricing also varies based on your geographic location. A $100 car in Des Moines might be worth $250 in Denver, and so on.

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