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How Much Is My Old Chrysler Car Worth?

Chrysler has been producing vehicles since 1925. One of the “big three” American automakers for much of its history, Chrysler has produced all types of vehicles, from iconic models like the 1920s Chrysler Six to the 1950s 300 - one of the first muscle cars - to the modern and reinvented 300, which reinvigorated American design.

However, all that history and success does not mean every Chrysler on the road is exactly a gem. Chrysler suffered several bouts of financial troubles and declining sales during several periods in history. Many of the models produced in later years, particularly the 80s and 90s, are undesirable and in poor shape.

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About the Chrysler Company

Chrysler has a long history of big ups and big downs. The company found great success in the early days, producing military vehicles, tanks and other military equipment before and during the World War II era. In fact, one of Chrysler’s tanks, the Sherman M4, was the leading combat vehicle used by ground forces in World War II.

Of course, Chrysler also found success selling consumer vehicles both before and after the war. The company was credited with many engineering innovations over the years, including four-wheel hydraulic brakes, the oil filter, high-compression engines and more. Before World War II, the company was second in U.S. sales. The company also flourished post-war with new innovations and popular models.

The 1970s brought the company’s first tumultuous time and bankruptcy scare. Like almost all automakers, Chrysler faced backlash during the oil crisis of the 1970s for their large and inefficient vehicles. As most of us know, another crisis came during the financial meltdown of 2008, when it filed for bankruptcy. The company rebounded though, and was eventually sold in full to Italian automaker Fiat in a 2014 deal.

How Much Is My Old Chrysler Worth?

The value of your old Chrysler depends on the model, condition, age and mileage. In most cases, we pay $175 to $400 for old Chryslers that are otherwise junkyard bound. That’s far more than you’d earn on the private market - if you could sell at all.

To give you a better idea, here are some samplings of what we’ve recently paid for various old Chrysler cars. Keep in mind, however, that price vary based on location. A car that might be worth $100 in one region could net $300 in another.

  • 1985 Chrysler LeBaron 4-door sedan - $225
  • 1989 Fifth Avenue - $275
  • 1984 Laser - $185
  • 1993 Town & Country minivan - $285
  • 1996 Seabring coupe - $250

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