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How Much Is My Old Chevy Car Worth?

Chevy is one of the classic American car brands. Throughout the brand’s more than 100-year history, it has produced some of the most iconic and loved vehicles, from sports cars like the Corvette and Camaro to heavy-duty pickups.

While many old Chevys are considered classics, many more are not. A 1932 Roadster or a 1957 Chevy Bel Air might be worth tens of thousands, but chances are that 1992 Lumina is not worth more than a couple hundred bucks. If you have an old Chevy sitting around that is fit for the junkyard, consider selling here on RemoveMyClunker. The process is quick and easy. We’ll provide an online quote, and if you accept the price, we’ll schedule an immediate pick up and pay cash on arrival.

How Do I Know if My Chevy Is Worth Money?

Most old cars are worth something, even if it’s just the value of the scrap metal. But when you’re considering selling an old car, it’s important to understand what separates a junker from a classic car. Old doesn’t always equal worthless, and sometimes just the opposite is true. Of course, old doesn’t always equal classic either.

Generally, if your Chevy is pre-1980s, it doesn’t hurt to check around to see if it has some value as a collector’s item. If the car is a popular sporty model like the Corvette or Camaro, you should check no matter how old or new the car is. You can do your own research online or call a local classic car dealer. When it doubt, always do a little research before junking the car.

If the car has little value or is in very poor condition, junking it for cash is probably the best route. With our service, most people make at least a couple hundred dollars -- even if the car doesn’t run -- and there’s little work involved. That’s a far better deal than having your car hauled off to the junkyard, which will cost you. We’ll give you an initial offer without requiring you to share any personal information.

Which Chevy Models Can I Sell With RemoveMyClunker?

We buy all types of Chevy vehicles, from trucks, SUVs and vans to old sedans and wagons. Popular models include the Astro van, Beretta, Blazer, Caprice, Cavalier, Corsica, Lumina, S-10 pickup and Suburban. We also purchase heavy-duty trucks. Click on our “get an offer” tab to see if your make and model are accepted for cash.

Some recent sale prices for various models include:

  • 1994 Blazer - $345
  • 1986 Cavalier Wagon - $255
  • 1998 Malibu - $255
  • 1981 Suburban - $350
  • 1993 Lumina passenger van - $255
  • 1992 Lumina cargo van - $255
  • 1996 Tahoe - $345

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